Social Responsibility

This policy is formulated in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Organization Convention, UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, and the relevant code of conduct for SA8000.

1. Abide by the law

Comply with all applicable national laws and regulations, industry minimum standards, international labor organizations and joint conventions, as well as relevant regulations that more stringent. The specific execution procedures shall be supervised by the company's labor union in accordance with relevant legal rules regarding the company's behavior. Any violations of laws and regulations shall be promptly negotiated with the company and corrected as soon as possible to achieve the goal of safeguarding the interests of employees.

2.Employees have the right of freedom of association and collective bargaining.

2.1If there is any harm to the legitimate interests of employees, violation of their wishes, or discriminatory behavior, normal welfare benefits maintenance, etc, negotiating with the company through union organizations or authorized representatives of employees is acceptable in order to safeguard the interests of employees.
2.2If an employee forms an association for the purpose of safeguarding their legitimate interests, negotiating various legal matters, or engaging in other legal activities, the company will not interfere and will support their normal activities.
2.3Under the permission of the association, company management personnel can participate in community activities and provide policy, theoretical, and even financial support.
2.4The company should take the reasonable issues raised by the association regarding enterprise management, welfare and other aspects seriously, and propose solutions to implement as soon as possible.
2.5The negotiations will be conducted under the principle of democratic consultation, and the company will be involved in the negotiations with an equal attitude. Do not discriminate or suppress those who raise questions afterwards. And provide a relaxed and fair environment for them, encouraging them to provide valuable opinions.
2.6The company will release the results of the issues that require support as soon as possible after negotiation.


3.1From the moment an employee works in the company to the moment they leave, no department or individual is allowed to engage in any form of discrimination against any employee. The company shall treat employment, salary, training, promotion, dismissal, and retirement matters equally and not be discriminated against based on their ethnicity, race, nationality, gender, age, religion, belief, disability, bloodline, social background, partisan orientation, or any other personal characteristics, union membership, or union beliefs and norms.
3.2The supervision and reporting of discriminatory behavior shall take two forms: real (anonymous) complaints and public inspections. If any discriminatory behavior is found, the company's labor union will seriously deal with the parties involved.
3.3The company's labor union shall set up opinion boxes (complaint boxes) in various places, and shall regularly collect complaints, summarize and classify them for processing.
3.4Provide equal and mutual education to employees, establish noble sentiments, improve personal qualities, and advocate honesty and friendship.
3.5The company implements the principle of equal pay for equal work for men and women, and shall not discriminate against female workers. When hiring employees, women who meet the recruitment requirements shall have equal employment rights with men. Except for jobs or positions that are not suitable for women as stipulated by the state, they shall not refuse to hire women or raise the recruitment standards for women on the grounds of gender.


4.1The payment of wages during normal working hours, overtime hours, and overtime wage differentials shall meet or exceed the statutory minimum standards and/or industry standards. Workers' wages shall not be reduced illegally or without permission. If the statutory minimum wage is unable to cover daily living expenses and provide additional disposable income, the company will provide sufficient compensation to employees to meet these needs.
4.2The compensation application can be submitted by the individual based on the facts or represented by the union after investigation.
4.3Respecting personal privacy rights, the company will disclose the compensation situation with the consent of the compensated party to achieve fairness and transparency.

5. Working Hours

5.1 Overtime work should be done voluntarily, with a maximum allowable working time of 52 hours per week and a maximum allowable working time of 12 hours. Employees must have one day off after working continuously for 6 days.
5.2 The workshop implements power outage and door closure at a limited time. After work hours or on designated rest days, the company will turn off the power, and duty personnel will close doors and windows, prohibiting personnel from entering the production area.
5.3 If employees work overtime or cannot receive legitimate normal rest, they can solve the problem through collective bargaining or file a complaint with the local labor arbitration department.

6.Workplace Safety

6.1 Provide employees with a hygienic and safe workplace in accordance with Articles 79, 138, 142, and 182 of the International Labour Organization Convention.
6.2 Safe passages and evacuation plans should be set up in the workplace. The safe passage must not be obstructed under any circumstances.
6.3 Set up a sufficient number of fire extinguishers and hydrants, and regularly check their effectiveness. Fire extinguishing equipment should not be obstructed. It should be available at any time.
6.4 The emergency passage should have a safety emergency device and always be in normal working condition, otherwise it should be replaced immediately.
6.5 Place sufficient first aid kits in places with employees, which should contain sufficient medicine and equipment for normal emergency handling, and shall regularly inspect, supplement, and replace medicines.
6.6 There should be qualified first aid personnel trained by the Red Cross organization in various workplaces for emergency use.

7.Prohibition of Child Labor

7.1 Child labor refers to workers under the age of 16, and the company is not allowed to hire them under any conditions.
7.2 When recruiting employees, the HR department should ask them to present valid ID cards and carefully check and verify. Once any child labor is found to be mistakenly recruited, remedial measures should be taken in accordance with the company's internal procedures.
7.3 When checking identity documents, it is necessary to verify whether their information is true and whether there has been any fraudulent behavior.
7.4 If there is a significant difference between the ID card and the personal image, further verification and investigation should be conducted.
7.5 Protect underage workers in accordance with national laws and regulations.

8. Prohibition of forced labor

8.1 The company prohibits any form of forced labor, prohibits and does not support any form of human trafficking.
8.2 The company shall educate management personnel at all levels not to implement forced labor on employees.
8.3 For the behavior of forced labor, employees can complain to the enterprise union or the company to solve the problem through normal channels.
8.4 If there is forced labor behavior, the company will dismiss the responsible person and apologize to the coerced person to compensate for the losses.

9. Punishment

9.1 Fairly treat every employee, prohibit discrimination and sexual harassment, treat all employees equally, and refrain from engaging in or supporting any discriminatory behavior based on race, social class, nationality, province, religion, disability, gender, gender orientation, employee representative qualification, or political party in matters such as employment, salary, employment opportunities, rewards and punishments; Do not allow or support compulsive, threatening, abusive, or exploitative behavior, including posture, language, and actual contact.
9.2 Protect the basic human rights of employees, strictly prohibit abusing or insulting employees, and no one is allowed to engage in or support corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, and verbal insults.

10. Environment and Safety

10.1 The company conducts waste disposal in accordance with ISO14001 requirements.
10.2 Waste can be divided into two categories: "recyclable" and "non recyclable", and separated for shipment. Recyclable waste is handed over to recyclers for recycling, while non recyclable waste is transported to garbage disposal stations for disposal.
10.3 Sign a "waste transfer contract" with the waste transportation department to dispose of all waste in a timely manner as required to maintain environmental hygiene in the production area.
10.4 Request the environmental testing department to regularly conduct input tests on the company's environmental pollution and noise, and promptly rectify any problems found to ensure the health of employees.

11. Complaints and feedback

Any questions or issues, please file a complaint with the company's labor union.
Complaint email:
Complaint hotline: 0539-8488631.

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