A. Enterprise spirit: Learning, creative, united, striving, sincere and dedicative.

B. Tenet: Further customer satisfaction, staff happiness and prosperity of China.

C. Objective: Creating an International famous brand and establishing a lifelong prosperous enterprise.

D. Style: Being practical and high-effective, rapid reaction.

E. Management theory

a. Winning credit with sincerity and managing the enterprise with morality

b. Infinite management, innovating every day.

c. Just search for way to success, but no excuses for failure.

d. Continuous amelioration and keeping improving .

F. Maxim of post commitment

a. With post commitment can you stay employed and with duty dedication can you establish great causes.

b. Product with morality and dignity from outstanding achievement

c. Time is money and velocity is benefit.

d. Post loving, duty commitment and fulfillment.

e. Honors of the company is my pride and enterprise benefits are my guarantee.

G. Enterprise (Working) Theory

a. Worry what the customer is worried about.

b. Honest and promise keeping, customer the highest.

c. Existing on credit and pursuing development with innovation.

d. Customer satisfaction is our persistent pursuit.

e. Prevarication shows disability and irresponsibility is to ruin your own future.

f. Pursuing superior quality, dedicating our sincerity.

H. Safety concept

a. Nothing exists without safety.

b. No negligence at any time.

c. It's concern for life paying attention to safety.

I. Quality concept

a. Quality is in my hands and clients in my heart.

b. Requirement of the client is the highest order.

c. Establishing quality foundation and pursuing superior quality.

d. Manufacturing classical products, treating clients sincerely.

J. Others

a. Friends all over the world.

b. Please obey the safety stipulations for happiness of your family.

c. Please get down from the bike at the entrance and exit. Guest registration is necessary. Please halt for examination.

d. Losing even not one second and creating the optimal benefits with super speed.

e. Durative competitive advantage stems from durative study.

f. Persistent efforts for revolution.


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