2.Employees have the right of freedom of association and collective bargaining.

2.1If there is any harm to the legitimate interests of employees, violation of their wishes, or discriminatory behavior, normal welfare benefits maintenance, etc, negotiating with the company through union organizations or authorized representatives of employees is acceptable in order to safeguard the interests of employees.
2.2If an employee forms an association for the purpose of safeguarding their legitimate interests, negotiating various legal matters, or engaging in other legal activities, the company will not interfere and will support their normal activities.
2.3Under the permission of the association, company management personnel can participate in community activities and provide policy, theoretical, and even financial support.
2.4The company should take the reasonable issues raised by the association regarding enterprise management, welfare and other aspects seriously, and propose solutions to implement as soon as possible.
2.5The negotiations will be conducted under the principle of democratic consultation, and the company will be involved in the negotiations with an equal attitude. Do not discriminate or suppress those who raise questions afterwards. And provide a relaxed and fair environment for them, encouraging them to provide valuable opinions.
2.6The company will release the results of the issues that require support as soon as possible after negotiation.

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Leaders of the Provincial Machinery and Electrical Union and the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions Visited the Company for Research and Inspection

On the afternoon of May 23, 2023, Vice Chairman Wang Zhijian (presiding over the work) and Vice Chairman Yin Xiangqun of the Shandong Provincial Defense Machinery and Electronics Union, accompanied by Wang Jianfeng,

The 5th Meeting of the Temporary Party Branch of the Red Collar Secretary of the Two New Organizations in Luozhuang District was held in the company

The 5th meeting of the Temporary Party Branch of the Red Collar Secretary of the Two New Organizations of Luozhuang District was held on the morning of June 7, 2023 in the conference room on the second floor of the company.

The Seventh Party Branch of Linxian Taxation Bureau and the Carter Heavy Industry Party Branch carried out the "Party Building Co construction" activity

On May 24th, the party branch of Shandong Carter Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. and the party building alliance branch of the seventh party branch of the Linshu County Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation held a joint construction signing ceremony.

Huasheng Zhongtian Excavator and Other Equipment Show Their Skills in Desert Afforestation

Recently, at the drilling and planting site of Haloxylon ammodendron trees in Ulanbuhe Desert, Chengkou County, Bayannur, Inner Mongolia, Huasheng Zhongtian tree planting and digging machines and other equipment were actively involved in tree planting and digging with the skilled operation of local forestry workers.

Carter's sales orders continue to be popular, and group workers work together to assist production

Even in the midsummer, despite the current low season of production and sales in the domestic construction machinery industry, Carter Heavy Industries' foreign trade sales orders continue to rise against the trend, as hot as in the scorching summer.

Qinghai Tibet Railway Performance Technology Huasheng Brand Enters People's Heart

In mid July, Huatian Engineering Company established a product promotion team consisting of marketing and technical departments.

The first Huasheng Mount Taishan flagship store in Shandong opened grandly

On April 22, the first Huasheng Mount Taishan flagship store of Huasheng Zhongtian Group in Shandong was opened in Qixia City, the beautiful hometown of Apple.


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