Core Values

Dare to innovate, dare to compete, work efficiently and be honest.

Respect every member of the team, responsibility, discipline and growth, so that employees proud to become members of the team.

Market-oriented, customer-centric, to provide consumers with safe, healthy and nutritious food and raw materials.

Use shareholders' money, cherish it like using your own money, and create greater value for shareholders.

Respect the law, respect the rules and dare to assume social responsibility.

Mission and Vision


Make full use of modern biotechnology, focus on the deep processing of soybeans, and provide green, nutritious and healthy food for mankind.


Continue to maintain the position of the top three global soybean protein service providers, and at the same time enter the functional food market and become an influential brand.


Committed to meet people's growing demand for nutrition, health, improve their quality of life, for the benefit of mankind.


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